Thursday, July 18, 2002

Reign of Fire (IMDB) (Netflix)
Mad Max meets Mothra. Not a favorite genre, but it was a slow day at the office and far too hot to go home.

Some Londoners dig a tunnel, awakening a swarm of fire-breathing dragons who go on a scorched earth rampage that leaves only pockets of survivors scattered around the world. Running the UK contingent is Christian Bale, who's holding his own against the beasts until Matthew McConaughey, crazier than George S. Patton on crack, drops in with his tanks, helicopter and "the best defense is a good suicidal offense" doctrine.

The dragons are decently menacing, but the whole enterprise has a broken steering linkage, careening between "that's cool" and "I don't think so." McConaughey seems to have decided "screw it, if it's gonna be this bad of a movie, I'll have some fun with it" but Bale keeps a stiff upper acting lip, thinking he can bring some dignity to the proceedings. He chose ... poorly.

No hearts pounding in this audience.