Saturday, August 10, 2002

Blood Work (IMDB) (Netflix)
A Clint Eastwood directed and headlined "police procedural," as they're called, but not much of a whodunit, given the blatant over-casting of a supporting role. Eastwood plays a retired FBI profiler with a transplanted heart who gets dragged into a murder case by the victim's sister (Wanda de Jesus). The new ticker is an inspired device to motivate our hero and create some vulnerability, but he's otherwise catnip to the much younger ladies in the film, even with a twelve inch scar running down his chest. All of this would be inspiring to the aging male but c'mon, the guy's seventy-freakin'-two years old.

Audiences will appreciate the laconic Eastwood style, the piecing together, the comic relief from, ah, comedian Paul Rodriguez, and a few Dirty Harry-esque touches of screw-the-procedures action. On the other hand, there are some clunky line readings (Clint doesn't shoot a lot of takes), little suspense and an ending that's stylistically uncharacteristic of the rest of the movie. Eastwood fans will be fine, but mostly a modest film with much to be modest about.