Sunday, December 22, 2002

Santa Clause 2 (IMDB) (Netflix)
A sequel, with two Tim Allen characters, for better or worse. Santa discovers he's subject to a "Mrs." clause, meaning he's got to get married by Christmas Eve, or no more Santa, Christmas or happy children. Plus, his teenage son is acting out at school, so he's got some work to do, and creates an ersatz Santa to hold down the North Pole fort while he's back in the real world. Unfortunately, the clone has some misguided ideas of his own and begins to wreak havoc with the

The niece and nephew liked it, but can't explain why (the critic genes, such as they are, seem not have jumped any branches or are laying dormant). Mom thought they could have done more with it, which is true: there's not much sense of jeopardy given that half of the retail industry's economy is on the line, and it's pretty easy to see where most of this is headed. Yet it's done over $125 million at the box office, making the exhibitors, the studio and Santa very happy.