Sunday, March 17, 2002

Ice Age (IMDB) (Netflix)
An animated buddy/road picture that takes place 20,000 or so years ago, before humans had two eyebrows. An unlikely trio of Woolly Mammoth (Ray Romano), Sabertooth Tiger (Dennis Leary) and Sloth (the frenetic John Leguizamo) team up to return a lost baby to its proto-human "herd," but lets just say that the entire organization isn't fully aligned, and hilarity therefore must ensue. While the plot won't raise your grandmother's blood pressure, the dialogue and voicing by the actors (particularly by Lequizamo, and to a lesser extent, Leary) has enough zip to overcome both it and the occasional sentimentality tar pit. The animation of the animals (from an east coast outfit called Blue Sky Studios) is terrific, but the humans seem oddly first-draft-like.

Lots of giggles from the kids in the audience, and appreciative laughs from the parents, and there's enough above-the-kids'-heads humor to keep other adults sufficiently engaged.