Monday, March 11, 2002

We Were Soldiers (IMDB) (Netflix)
Mel Gibson is Colonel Hal Moore, a man who loves his men as much as his family. The movie is based on Moore's book about the first major U.S. battle in Vietnam, which he led, and which proved to be far more than anyone expected. While it's inspired by actual events, and certainly more factual than A Beautiful Mind, there's not a single emotional or graphically violent punch pulled, or heartstring unplucked ("why is there war, Daddy?"). Written and directed by Randall Wallace, who also wrote Braveheart (kudos to you, sir) and Pearl Harbor (not so fast, buddy). With Madeleine Stowe as Moore's wife back home, and the modern-day successor to Ward Bond, hyper-manly Sam Elliott as the crusty noncom comic relief. For those who like their war movies intense, moving and shamelessly unhip.