Sunday, November 09, 2003

Alien: the Director's Cut (IMDB) (Netflix)
Twenty-four years ago, Alien was the scariest space movie ever, spawning a trilogy and making Sigourney Weaver a star. It's now been re-released as a director's cut, not so much because it was a seminal bit of movie-making that the world needs to see again on the big screen, but because—that’s right—there’s an Alien vs. Predator cage match due next year, and the producers want to warm the youngsters up to the Alien franchise.

Not having seen the original in some time, I wasn’t sure what footage was added, but it sure wasn’t any more of Sigourney in her impractically skimpy briefs (that part is burned into the consciousness of many a male moviegoer of a certain age), and it seems like a long time before John Hurt hocks up the ultimate loogie, but Ian Holm is still outstanding as Ash, the crew member with a secret. A somewhat dated and cynical undertaking, but worth the trip for those who'd like to understand where dozens of imitators got their inspiration.