Sunday, November 09, 2003

The Matrix: Revolutions (IMDB) (Netflix)

OK, lets get this over with. The last of this trilogy, soon to be followed by the Lord of the Rings capper, another Harry Potter, and somewhere in the sequel pipeline, the sixth and final Star Wars installment. The Wachowski Brothers dial down the myth-making and gear up the action, with a final show-down between the humans and the machines, and Neo and Mr. Smith.

Despite the huge battle scene, a certain fatigue has set in, with Laurence Fishburne being almost invisible and the Neo/Smith duel an anticlimax compared to their fight in Part Two. Even the ad campaign has seemed half-hearted, although that might be more a recognition of how needless it would be to sell this picture to the fans, or equally pointless to convince non-fans to get on board after missing the first two. For the most part, a Star Wars episode, augmented with swearing.